Frank has a solid history of his futurist studies becoming a reality. Examples include Digitopia (2019), digitalization of society (2016), emergent strategies (2015), digital ethics (2012), embracing complexity (2011), management excellence (2009), behavioral performance management (2008), high-performance organizations (2005), enterprise performance management (2002), business activity monitoring (2001) and BI/ERP (1998). He is the proud holder of six Gartner Thought Leadership Awards.

His latest prediction is that — while executive leaders have been comfortably overseeing the digital transformation from the executive floor — digital transformation will hit the boardroom next.

An overview of Frank’s recent work can be found here, and includes “The Future of Leadership”, “The Future of Decision Making”, “The Future of AI”, “The Age of Disruptions”, “Global Scenarios On How To Sense And Respond to Social Fracture” and “Global Scenarios On The Russian Invasion of Ukraine”.

One of his case studies from the book “Dealing With Dilemmas” was even included in the Harvard Business Review case study database.